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About Us

My vision and dream in the CENTRE FOR I AM is eradicating poverty consciousness from the minds of the people of I AM.

The Creative Power of I AM!

Our Vision

A 21st Century Education Centre for Positive Living

our mission

Teaching people how to live happily and successfully through the power of I AM.

our intention

Open Book.

Ancient timeless I AM Truths for the modern world…                            

•    I AM for Positive Thinking

•    I AM for Prosperous Living

•    I AM for Personal Wellness

•    I AM for Positive Change

•    I AM for Personal Growth  

Strategic scope and impact:

1.    Positive Words – faith and hope for today

2.    Positive Thinking – personal development teaching, training,

3.    Positive Change – success motivation through self help attitudes of excellence

They praised God and demonstrated God’s goodness to everyone.   ACTS 2:47 (BRG) 

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