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About Us

Our aim in the CENTRE FOR I AM is to eradicate poverty consciousness from the minds of the people of I AM.

Our Intention

Happy Positive Living

Our Objective 

Eradicating poverty consciousness

Our Purpose

Teaching timeless Biblical Truths to the modern world…

Genre: Positive Spirituality

  • I AM for Positive Thinking

  • I AM for Prosperous Living

  • I AM for Personal Wellness

  • I AM for Positive Change

  • I AM for Personal Growth

Strategic scope and impact:

1. Positive Words – faith and hope for today​

2. Positive Thinking – personal development teaching, training,

3. Positive Change – success motivation through self-help attitudes of excellence

Our Vision

our mission

Vision: Eradicating poverty consciousness.

Mission Statement: "To build an economic army of men and women who will encompass and change the world." 


I am here to help you fulfill your destiny... 




About Karen Smalls

Karen Smalls, MBA, MAIL,

Doctoral Candidate of Psychology of Organization Development

Senior Consultant​

Karen Smalls is a Senior Consultant with HuMax Innovative Technologies LLC,  in Suwanee, Georgia.  Her varied vocation includes leadership development, strategy management, career transition coaching, business development and redesign, training program management development, behavior assessment, and delivery the management      of multi-­‐functional work teams; soft skill training, customer/guest service training.


Open Book.

  • The DREAM: A sense of grandeur towards life

  • The VISION: The depth, capacity, and measurable impact of a dream

  • The COMMITMENT: The acceptance of pain as a cost towards a benefit

  • The GOAL: The dedication to think, plan, meditate and learn

  • The MISSION: The purity, forbearance, and fearlessness of character

  • The DESTINY: The imperative to exchange a life for a moral cause that will endure


For a dream comes with much business, and a fool’s voice with many words. Ecclesiastes 5:3 ESV

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