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How To Be Happy Though Rich

Can a Christian be wealthy?

Can a Christian strive and succeed in the business world, accrue money, and still be in line with the basic Biblical teaching on money and material wealth?

With Christ as your motivator, you can earn money for furthering the Word of God.

The approach to making and spending money for the Christian is unique.

We must evaluate wealth and its effects on the Christian and the non-Christian.

  • wealth as a power base

  • wealth as an influence on others

  • wealth in the hands of the devoted Christian

Society’s attitudes towards those with wealth is generally negative.

For the Christian, making and distributing money is a responsibility

A Christian should control his money—his money should never control him.

Affirm: “Christ is my life, I am nothing without Him... With Christ as my motivator, I can earn money for furthering the Word of God.”

Reference: Peter J. Daniels, How To Be Happy Though Rich

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