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The Entrepreneur! "Your Destiny"

Since you are reading this, I believe that you are destined to entrepreneurship and wealth. I want to help you fulfill your destiny. The big questions are; what is an entrepreneur?

How do I function with integrity as an entrepreneur in today’s materialistic and success - hungry society? Can I be legitimately wealthy? Can I strive and succeed in the business world, accrue money and still be in line with the best ethical practices on money and material wealth? How can I experience a DESTINY and legacy of wealth for my children's children? First let's gain insight into the entrepreneur. There is no age limit on an entrepreneur in the free enterprise system.

An entrepreneur is a person who undertakes a risk to make a gain in business.

Oxford dictionary defines an entrepreneur as a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks to do so.

Many entrepreneurs see potential in the market for what they have to offer and go for it.

With Christ as your motivator, you can earn money for furthering the betterment of humanity.

The approach to making and spending money for the Christian is unique.

We must evaluate wealth and its effects on the Christian and then make positive affirmations of faith.

Make these four affirmations:

Wealth is my power base granted by God!

Wealth is an influence on others!

Wealth is for me!

I am wealthy!

To clear away the debris and become an entrepreneur, it is important that you understand proper attitudes towards wealth.

A Christian should control his money—his money should never control him.

How do you function as a Christian making and distributing money?

How do you answer the call to wealth? Our Destiny program can help.

My prayer for you is simple: May God expand your life until your destiny is fulfilled!

Enroll in our business and personal development program Destiny of the third Millennium and go into business and win, now at:

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