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Be Happy Now

Did you know that you can choose to be happy? Yes, happiness is a choice, and you can do something about your personal happiness. In this series of blogs we will go to work on your mental health and personal happiness, so continue to read this daily, positive blog. I want to share with you the power you have to be happy. First of all, one way you choose to be happy is by wisely choosing your words. Positive affirmations are the key.


A major part of choosing to be happy is the choice of making happy "I AM" affirmations. The two most powerful words you will ever use are the words “I AM!” Whenever you say the words “I AM,” you are releasing creative power in your life. So beware of saying, “I AM sad; I AM weak; or I AM depressed.” When you say the words “I AM,” that which follows is created in your life. There is in the invisible world a mental law of words. The Bible calls this the law of faith (Romans 3:27). Whenever you say the words “I AM,” you enter the faith realm. In the faith realm all things are good now. In that realm happiness is now!

Simply said, you enter this realm by saying I FEEL HAPPY NOW!

Say this even when you don’t feel happy. You are affirming happiness by the law of faith.

You were designed to live life in the now. When you say, I FEEL HAPPY NOW, you are creating happiness in your feelings. “I FEEL HAPPY NOW” is present tense. Not past tense—I was happy, or future tense—I will be happy. But, I FEEL HAPPY NOW!

Choose to be happy now by speaking words of happiness. It's the law of faith. Affirm with feeling: I FEEL HAPPY NOW! Isn’t that what we all want? Please share this blog with someone who is struggling with mental health. Do it now!


Make the choice to be happy by making positive affirmations. Continue to be aware of your mental state and control your emotions with words. Make these five happiness affirmations now and throughout the day today. Be happy! Affirm these out loud now!


I have the power to shape my ideal reality!

I create the life I desire with my good feelings!

Everything is always working out well for me!

When I feel happy I manifest more reasons to be happy!

I am willing to be happy now!

The 21 Day Mental Challenge

My goal is your mental health through developing a positive mental attitude. For a monthly subscription donation of 21.00, you can enroll in The 21 Day Mental Challenge now.

Your kind donation gives you assess to the 21 Day Mental challenge videos and helps us to provide mental health strategies for hurting people. Thank you!

The subscription offers:

  • The 21 Day Mental Challenge (21 Videos)

  • Takes Guts To Leave Ruts ebook / syllabus

  • Weekly One Minute with Bernard Video

  • Monthly Success Motivation Zoom Seminar

  • Daily Positive Mental Health Ministry Blog

  • Personal Development and Self-Help Lessons

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